Spiritual and physical benefits of hijab

Spiritual and physical benefits of hijab

Title: Spiritual and physical benefits of hijab
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Spiritual and physical benefits of hijab
For every ruling in Islam, there is a wisdom in which there is a benefit in doing it. Therefore, if people want to live a healthy life in this world and away from any kind of tension, it is better to follow these rules and regulations. One of the rules of Islam is to wear hijab for men and women.
The relationship between hijab and body health:
Doctors believe that anxiety, stress and emotions can be very effective in the formation of diseases and their aggravation. Not having a complete hijab and improper covering causes women to be associated with many sexual anxieties, worries and emotions in the society and on the street, in the university and at the workplace. On the other hand, they cannot focus on their work and studies. Non-observance of hijab and the spread of sexual emotions to the level of society causes women and men to be stressed all day long, and doctors believe that this stress can be the beginning of various diseases.
Improving the level of women's health
Improving the level of women's health:
Observing the hijab, while maintaining inner purity, is also very effective in maintaining the purity and health of women's bodies. Women's bodies are covered using the hijab and are limited against pollution and other social harms. Studies and researches show that women who wear hijab and use hijab essentials such as the Lebanese scarf lose their body heat through the head about 40-60% less than other women. Therefore, in Islamic societies, by observing hijab in the cold seasons of the year, women can maintain their health more easily and are less likely to suffer from various diseases.
Women who do not have enough self-esteem cannot have a successful and active presence in society and become isolated. These conditions gradually create the basis for the formation of mental illnesses in a person. Hijab strengthens purity and chastity and ultimately improves her self-esteem. The level of self-esteem in women is evaluated based on the way they dress. In other words, it can be said that hijab is a way to increase women's self-esteem. Therefore, by observing the hijab, women can maintain their self-esteem and are less likely to suffer from various mental illnesses.
According to Islam, how should hijab be?
From the point of view of Islam, any garment that can cover all the body parts completely, without the body volume and the protrusions of the woman's body being obvious and not attracting attention, is a complete hijab. As a result, it can be said that the best and most complete type of covering is the hijab, although it is necessary to mention that the Islamic hijab is not limited to a chador, and women and girls can use different types of coverings to keep themselves safe from the eyes of the unprivileged Keep themselves.

Translator: F*EB

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