The philosophy of female creation

The philosophy of female creation

A woman, as a body of human society, can be examined and studied on the same basis as a human being, and any analysis and examination of the dimensions of a woman's life, minus the gender and gender characteristics, is actually an analysis of human life. . Therefore, knowing a woman and her dignity and position actually knows a human being and his dignity. It is also indisputable that human self-knowledge is another measure of knowledge.
A woman, in the spiritual and physical dimension of creation, was created from the same gem as a man, and both genders are the same and unique in their essence and nature, and there is no difference in truth and nature between men and women.
The idea of the sameness and oneness of the substance of men and women is a Quranic idea that is clearly obtained from the divine verses. Only in this context, there is another opinion that portrays the creation of a woman as an extension of the creation of a man. This opinion is based on some hadiths;
Belief in causal order and God's wise creation prompts us not to reflect this type of deviant thinking, to consider God-given passivity in women as wisdom, and instead of transforming it and tampering with God's creation, we seek to apply it to the female gender. able to play a role with his God-given nature and succeed in life; At the same time, this characteristic of passivity is consistent with the woman's tenderness, and it insures her from duality and identity crisis. It is for this reason that God has given the role of education to women so that in this way she can take care of her rights in front of man's management; However, if education is applied in the context of female characteristics, including her passivity, it will be so efficient that a woman will not need divorce at all; Because the righteous God has also removed divorce, which is a management issue, from his shoulders!
The Holy Quran considers women as human beings with all human characteristics, and all the talents and forces that are necessary to be human. In the Qur'an, the lack of a woman's intellect is not mentioned; Rather, men and women were introduced as equal and at the same level in the stages of evolution, which is not possible except with deep wisdom; But in some sources, there are interpretations that show the lack of intelligence of women compared to men.
It can be said that the philosophy of women's creation is not different from that of men. Both of them were originally created for servitude and perfection, and in addition to this goal, their bisexuality is for the sake of preserving the survival of the generation and achieving peace and love. In fact, there are no men and women involved in this type of discussion, and the body is the garment of the human soul, because the main focus of God's words in the verse
Women are stronger emotionally and emotionally, and according to the research and confirmation of all relevant experts and specialists in the dimensions of women's lives, emotions are stronger and more flourishing in women, and this is not a defect in this body of human society; It is also a necessity. For the importance of having children, education and family, the emotional dimension plays a fundamental role in the development of children's personality and making the family environment healthy and warm, much more than the role of dry and calculating rationalism. Therefore, women, as the main core of the family and the main educators of children, should be more advanced and evolved than men in this regard, and this causes them to be less inclined to complex intellectual and rational issues and do not always deal with issues in a calculated and rational manner; Rather, they give in to the guidance of emotions and add warmth and tenderness to family and social life.

Translator: Faeghe .Ebrahimpour

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