sense of emptiness

sense of emptiness

What is the feeling of emptiness and how to overcome it?
Feelings of emptiness can lead to disturbing thoughts such as "life is not worth living" or "there is no hope".According to ISNA, "Development of individual capabilities - emptiness is a human feeling and it occurs when a person faces a void in front of the meaning of life. When we don't know what we want from our life, we feel empty, and when we think about the end and death in the middle of life after forming a family and having a wife and children, doubt takes root in our soul and we ask ourselves what is the meaning and benefit of all this. Here too, the sense of human emptiness is included.
People usually feel empty in two periods of their lives. First, in adolescence, when they understand their responsibility in life and have come out of their childhood dreams, they are confused about what they are doing in this world and what they should do, and secondly, in middle age, when they have tasted the pleasures of life and understood their mortality and the shadow of death. After half of their life, they see the eyes. Apart from these two, in some situations, a person is caught in the feeling of emptiness. In the death of loved ones, when a person's relatives become mortal and non-existent in the blink of an eye, in accidents and tragedies such as an earthquake or war, human existence, dreams and the meaning of life are dominated by something more powerful than meaning, and a small person touches himself. Also in situations such as financial bankruptcy, emotional separation and divorce, unwanted migration from the country, failure in education or in emotional relationships. In all these cases, people feel empty due to their age and attitude towards life as well as lived experience.
What is the feeling of emptiness?
It may sound strange, but emptiness is a feeling. When you feel empty, you experience unpleasant emotions. Some people report emptiness as a physical feeling in their body that prevents them from going on with life the way they want to. Regardless of the circumstances, you feel that it is difficult to understand happiness and sadness, which means that you can neither be sad nor happy. You may feel empty or hollow in your chest or feel lethargic. Or you may often feel tired without having done a difficult task and think that nothing matters. You may even feel numbness in some of your organs and you may feel faint.
How to fight the feeling of emptiness?
*Accept your sense of emptiness and admit it : If you experience a feeling of emptiness that feels like an empty pit, acknowledge it and be generous with yourself.
*Take time for yourself every day : Instead of trying to fill your inner emptiness with drugs, alcohol, computer games, overeating, browsing the aisles and unnecessary shopping or other things, look inside and spend time with yourself and go after your desires and dreams.
*Explore your current feelings : Set your watch for five minutes and focus on how you feel right now. See what your feeling is and how it is formed.Focus on a specific part of your body and check various senses such as temperature, pulse, tension or movement. In this way, as you allow your emotions to be seen for short periods of time, your tolerance will gradually widen to include larger emotions for longer periods of time.
Discover your feelings of emptiness: Ask yourself the following questions: Am I saying positive things to myself? -Am I only focused on other people's needs? -What am I trying to win or confirm in life? And ask yourself such questions.
A sense of emptiness can lead to disturbing thoughts such as "life is not worth living" or "there is no hope".It is important to acknowledge and accept your feelings of helplessness.

Translator: fatemeh abbaszadeh.


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