09 Jun 2021

Biography of Seyed Ibrahim Raisi

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Biography of Ayatollah Raisi



Find out more about Hojjat al-Islam Raisi who officially announced his candidacy for the twelfth round of the presidential election in this report.
He completed his primary education at the Javadiyeh School and began his seminary studies at the Nawab School and then at the Ayatollah Mousavinejad School. In 1975, in order to continue his education, he went to the seminary of Qom, Ayatollah Boroujerdi's school, and for some time he studied in a school run by Ayatollah Pasandi, which was actually run by Imam Khomeini.
In the seminary of Qom, he presented the principles of jurisprudence to Ayatollah Marvi, the students to Ayatollah Fazel Harandi, the treatises to Ayatollah Mousavi Tehrani, the Muharram lessons to the service of Ayatollah Dozduzani, the book Al-Bayy to the lessons to Ayatollah Khazali, the options to Ayatollah Sotoudeh and Ayatollah Taheri served Khorramabadi and Kefaya as the service of Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Mohaghegh Damad, the interpretation of the Holy Quran with Ayatollah Meshkini and Ayatollah Khazali, the explanation of poetry and philosophy with Ayatollah Ahmad Beheshti, the course of cognition with Martyr Motahhari and Nahjul Balagha with Ayatollah Allah Nouri Hamedani learned.
Following the desecration of Imam Khomeini in the newspaper Al-Inta'a and the beginning of popular movements, Hojjatoleslam Ra'isi participated in protest rallies, most of which originated in the school of Ayatollah Boroujerdi (Madrasa Khan), and acted as a nucleus of revolutionary scholars. During this period, he pursued his campaign activities in the form of communicating with revolutionary scholars who had been released from prison or in exile. He also participated in gatherings such as the sit-in of Scholars and clerics at the University of Tehran. After the victory of the Islamic Revolution, he participated in a special training course held by the late Shahid Beheshti to provide staff to meet the management needs of the Islamic system. Following the Marxist riots and the creation of various problems in the city of Masjed Soleyman, he went to the region with a group of scholars to participate in cultural activities. After returning from Masjed Soleyman, he established the political-ideological complex of Safar-Do training camp in Shahroud and managed it for a short time.
Hojjat Al leslam Ra'isi entered the field of management in 1980 and started attending the judicial office in Karaj city, and after a while, he was appointed as the prosecutor of Karaj by the order of martyr Ayatollah Qudussi. His success in organizing the complex situation of this city caused that after two years of service in this important position (in 1959 and 1960), in 1982, at the same time as the Karaj Prosecutor's Office, he became the head of the Hamadan City Prosecutor's Office.

Hojjat al Islam Ra'isi was appointed as the patron saint of Astan-e-Quds Razavi (as) on March 8, 1994 by the decree of the Supreme Leader, and he is still honored to serve in that lofty threshold. It is worth mentioning that in 1997, he joined the council at the suggestion of some influential members of the militant clergy community, including Ayatollah Mahdavi Kani, and with the approval of the Central Council of the Clergy Society. In 2006, Hojjatoleslam Ra'isi, on behalf of the Society of Teachers of the Seminary of Qom and the Society of Fighting Clergy and on the recommendation of the elites of South Khorasan Province to participate in the fourth term of the Assembly of Experts, exposed himself to the honorable people of that country. 80% of the people of this province entered the Assembly of Experts. Two years after attending this assembly, with the vote of the nation's experts, he was elected as a member of the presidium and his membership in this position was extended until the end of the fourth term, with the vote of the esteemed members of the Assembly of experts.
He was also elected as the representative of the honorable people of South Khorasan for the second time in the fifth term of the Assembly of Experts by winning an overwhelming majority of votes, and his membership in the Presidium of the Assembly of Experts continues. In addition to his major national responsibilities, he repeatedly advised Ayatollah Mahdavi Kani and Ayatollah Haj Agha Mojtaba Tehrani to maintain their academic ties with students, and since 1980 he has been a teacher in religious schools in Tehran, including Majd and Amir al-Momenin schools. , Imam Hussein (as) and Marvi have been teaching high level courses: treatises and achievements, adequacy and rules of jurisprudence. After transferring to the holy city of Mashhad, he began teaching the subject of "waqf jurisprudence" at the beginning of the 2016 academic year at Nawab Mashhad High School.
So far, a course of his seminary lessons in the field of jurisprudence rules has been written in the form of three volumes of books entitled Rules of Religious Jurisprudence, Rules of Judicial Jurisprudence and Rules of Economic Jurisprudence, which have been compiled by his students and published by Justice Printed. Hojjatoleslam Issi also teaches specialized courses in jurisprudence, jurisprudence, economics, jurisprudence, principles of jurisprudence, and civil law at the university for masters and doctoral degrees. Editing and compiling : Faeghe.Ebrahimpour


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