07 May 2021

Hormones and their role in our mood

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Hormones and their role in our mood

Belgian researchers say that the 19 emotions of sadness, joy, hatred, helplessness, jealousy, calmness, longing, praise, rest and comfort, guilt, stress, pride, confusion, anger, provocation, pity, humiliation, fear and shame and disgust in Humans have a certain lifespan, of which sadness with 120 hours is the most enduring feeling, but happiness is only 36 hours.
Sadness lasts 120 hours, hatred 60 hours, happiness 36 hours, anxiety 24 hours, jealousy 15 hours, calmness 8 hours and longing 6 hours in the body.
The researchers explained that the reason for this is that the loss or distance of loved ones is unbearable because the resulting grief lasts 240 times longer than other emotions such as shame, surprise and anger. Successive events increase a person's grief, and people usually take longer to overcome it without really realizing the nature of their grief
Boredom is the shortest feeling, although Professor Verdin and Professor Lorison argue that even this time passes slowly for the impatient.
The human brain communicates with the rest of the body 24 hours a day by sending complex chemical compounds and endogenous hormones called hormones.
Dopamine or hormone of pleasure and winning and encouragement: The presence of this hormone can turn a person into a very hardworking person and its absence can turn a person into a shameless and unemployed person. Deficiency of this hormone upsets the balance between the musculoskeletal systems and too much of it causes hyperactivity. If you feel you need more dopamine, you can use the following foods: fish, chicken, eggs, oilseeds, beans, cheese.
Serotonin or happiness hormone: 90% of this hormone is made and stored in the intestines, and therefore proper digestion plays a very important role in the production of this hormone in the body. The body needs carbohydrates to produce serotonin. For example, the banana is one of the best foods for this purpose. Sunlight and increased vitamin D also play a very important role in increasing the secretion of this hormone.
Oxytocin, known as the hormone of love and trust: This hormone is released during physical contact with people you love. That's why people are when they enter the relationship will be much happier. One of the easiest ways to increase the value of hormones, get a massage. Touching the neck and hugging people close to you, having a pet and……
Latonin or anti-aging hormone, sleep hormone or body biological clock: This hormone regulates the body's biological clock based on the rotation of the earth and sunrise and sunset. The increase or decrease of this hormone depends on the light and its colors. Do not forget that all the light emitted from mobile phones, televisions, computers and even street lights are all blue light and disrupt melatonin production. Deficiency of this hormone leads to premature aging, obesity, diabetes, cancer, depression, forgetfulness and Alzheimer's. Among foods, cherries have the highest amount of melatonin.
Ayndvrfyn known as natural pain relievers: Ayndvrfyn feel full of energy and powerful and gives us.
These people who are deficient in endorphins are very fond of fast food and generally suffer from depression. Foods that can support your endorphin production include coconut oil, olives, avocados and other good vegetable oils. Music, exercise, dancing and laughing, dark chocolate and sunshine are some of the best ways to boost this hormone.
Adrenaline Focus Hormone: A hormone that helps increase focus on the dangerous thing that is happening.
Norepinephrine: This hormone also helps and supports the body to cope with high-stress situations, and its effect is to increase the heart rate, enlarge the pupil of the eye, open the airway, move the blood supply from the skin to the muscle to Muscles can function stronger when needed.
Foods such as bananas, meat, poultry, eggs, cheese, chocolate and seafood, barley, increase this hormone. Swimming in ice water, a steam room and sunbathing to increase this hormone in the body will help a lot.
Collected &translated by:Faeghe.Ebrahimpour

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