The smell of spring

The smell of spring

Iran has many provinces and cities,

each with different dialects and customs.At the time of New Year delivery, the people of the beautiful province of Mazandaran, like other cities in the country, spread a beautiful tablecloth (Haftsin) and everyone sits around it and recites the New Year delivery prayer and waits for the New Year. In ancient times, facilities There was no connection like now, the people of Mazandaran announced the new year to everyone by shooting or saying the call to prayer.After the New Year is delivered, a person is chosen who enters the house with a tray in which the Quran, mirror, water, greenery and young green branches are placed and sprinkles water on all four sides of the house and opens the Quran. He puts seven trays next to the table and connects those green branches, which are usually for the plum tree, with the intention of a green and pleasant year in front of the door of the house or they put them on the ledge.The special food for this day is vegetable pilaf with chicken or meat, which is made by the mother of the family. In addition, they make a food as a charity for their dead and distribute it among the people. The evening of the first night of the year is believed to hang candles or torches on the head of their house to keep the light of their house always on.For Nowruz, a few days before the New Year, a large amount of rice is soaked, and after washing it completely, it was left to semi-dry state, and then the rice was ground. This is called rice flour (Denko). They bake with this flour (halva) and a local bread called (Kamaj).(Rice) As its name suggests, it is prepared from rice and is accompanied by the joys of the local people of Mazandaran in various ceremonies such as Yalda night wedding and other Eids. This sweet is attractive for children because it is puffy, and to prepare it, the rice is first cooked and drained, then it is exposed to the sun to dry, after the rice is dried, it is fried in hot oil and dipped in syrup. Prepared from sugar (or honey), lemon juice and water are poured, then the rice mixed with the syrup is cut into lozenges, squares or rectangles and consumed.Painting eggs for Haftsin tablecloth is another work of women and girls with taste in the north of our country. They boil the plant (nettle) in water and pour the eggs into it, thus acquiring a natural green color.Nowruz singers usually come to the villages fifteen days before the arrival of Nowruz and recite poems describing the imams of local music, giving them the good news of the new year. Nowruz singers are people who one person sings poems, one person plays an instrument, another person who is called a bartender goes to the houses of the locals and sings for them. The owner of the house also gives money, sweets, walnuts, eggs and chickpeas. , And raisins entertain them.
The beautiful province of Mazandaran, in addition to its beauties, and the high variety of food that it has, also has a high civilization and culture, which we suggest you put in your options for the Nowruz holiday trip.

Collector: Fatemeh Abbaszadeh

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